Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seattle Adventures - Serious Pie

I had an enjoyable time, during happy hour at Serious Pie. We started off ordering a couple of drinks, followed by two different pizzas. The pizzas were seriously delicious! They top the pizzas off with the most mouth watering and delicious ingredients. The pizza crust is light and crunchy with a slightly chewy texture.  I would say that they have a really good pizza crust!  Which is highly essential for pizza joints to have.

Roasted Mushroom with Truffle Cheese and Cherry Bomb Peppers with Sweet Fennel Sausage

On to the flavors, we ordered two different pizzas of the menu, the first pizza would be the Roasted Mushroom with Truffle Cheese.  The Roasted Mushroom with Truffle Cheese had the best tasting cheese! It is an incredible fusion of great tasting flavors. I really enjoyed the simple choices of ingredients, and the tasty flavors of the truffle cheese.  The Roasted Mushroom with Truffle Cheese is by far my favorite pizza at Serious Pie.  The second pie that we ordered was the Cherry Bomb Peppers with Sweet Fennel Sausage. You can definitely taste the distinct flavors of fennel in the sausage.   It was quite enjoyable. As you may have guessed, I still preferred the Roasted Mushroom pizza, however the Cherry Bomb Peppers would be the runner up.

Serious Pie - Tom Douglas

The savory treats only cost us $5 during the happy hour from 3pm-5pm.  I would recommend anyone to visit this joint, for a nice appetizing meal or snack.

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  1. Oh my....wow.....that looks incredibly delicious. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw this featured in the Food Network show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."

  2. Seriously????Then I am really happy I went! I must have missed that episode! :(. Its definitely up there on my favorite pizza list.

    I saw Tom Douglas's restaurant Dahlia's Lounge on the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" for their crabcakes! I am dying to go! His food must be fantastic!

  3. Yes, I believe the episode was on "Best Pizza." I can't recall which celebrity chef chose that particular place. That was def an episode worth watching!

    As for Dahlia's Lounge...never heard of it, but I look forward to a possible review in the future if you ever visit!

  4. I believe most of his restaurants ended up on the best thing i ever ate.

    I ended up going to Dahlia's lounge, so stay tuned for the review!

    and it was Giada that chose Lola and Dahlia's Lounge, and Tyler Florence (I believe) that chose Serious Pie. That show is AWESOME!

  5. Good to know FBFB. I look forward to reading the review on Dahlia's Lounge! Like you said...AWESOME!


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