Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seattle - The Counter (Burgers!)

The Counter Burger is a wonderful burger joint, where you can customize your own burger and eat delicious fries!  When you sit down, you fill out a sheet, where you can tick off the different combinations of toppings, burger meat, buns and sauces that you would want.   You can basically build your ideal burger! Take a look at the menu! (

So while I was here, I decided to select various toppings, that I felt would taste fantastic on my burger.  I choose my favorite cheese! Brie!

I created a burger with 1/3 pound of beef, soft-ripen brie cheese, spicy pepperoncinis, grilled onions, with aioli on a hamburger bun.

Burger Dissection

The Fifty-Fifty - Fried Sweet Potato Fries and Crispy Fried Onions

Over all the place is definitely worth visiting, for the experience.  The food taste delicious, and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed.  I look forward to returning, and building a different type of burger!

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