Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meat & Bread

This is how I spend my Saturdays! Wake up, find a place to eat, and wander around downtown.  

Porchetta- Rossdown Farms Turkey Thigh, Lemon Rosemary Jus, Spiced Pickled Cabbage, Roast Garlic Aioli, Pea Sprout

I've returned to Meat & Bread many times!  I do enjoy eating sandwiches, and I love eating crispy pork! This place is definitely worth visiting, especially if you enjoy eating sandwiches.  One of the best thing about this place is that they make their own bread, their bread has a crunchy/chewy texture.     

The sandwiches usually leave me feeling satisfied, however if you are still hungry, you should go for some maple bacon ice cream, which I would love to try some time soon!  It sounds very interesting, and sounds like a delicious combination.  Maple & Bacon are two ingredients that would seem to work well together.  

Meat and Bread very cool, casual and relaxed atmosphere.  People are always popping in and out of the shop, since the food's served fast.  I personally don't mind sitting at the long table.  Oh, I love the SIP natural handcrafted soda's that they serve here, I personally enjoyed the rosemary-lemon flavor.

Overall I would recommend Meat & Bread to those who enjoy sandwiches. 

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