Sunday, September 4, 2011

Edible Canada at the Market

Fish and Chips - Tempura batter, black sesame, cilantro, duck fat, BC potatoes.  Served with some Coleslaw.  

Every time I visit Edibles I have to get a side of crispy duck fat BC potatoes, bacon aioli FRIES!  Another dish that I enjoy eating here is their Canadian Burger!  For a simple dish, it's quite tasty.  The next time I visit I will probably order the Canadian Burger with a side of fries, or the Pemberton Meadow Steak Frites. 

Why would I come back?  The nice ambiance, tasty food (especially the FRIES), and the location (Granville Island).  If it's a sunny warm day I highly recommend sitting on the patio!  

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  1. i'm going crazy over tempura... officially hungry now.

  2. Tempura Batter Fish + Chips! I could use some right now!


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