Saturday, November 19, 2011

Curry Udon at Ebi Ten

A bowl of noodles is always nice to have on a cold wintery night.

One of the best places for an affordable, fast, and delicious bowl of udon is Ebi Ten.  They serve takoyaki, chicken karage, sushi, rice etc... as well.  It's located opposite the public library, which makes it  an ideal place for a post-studying meal.

Curry Udon sprinkled with tempura flakes! 

The sauce is more gravy like, than soupy.  It's very flavorful, and has that Japanese Curry flavor (e.g. Glico Curry)  So for those who enjoy eating Japanese Curry Rice, you may enjoy a bowl of curry udon as well.  What I like to do with my curry udon is sprinkle a generous amount of tempura flakes over my noodles.  :)

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